This weekend proved that a change is in the air. Saturday was short-sleeves weather, bright sunshine, plenty of degrees. Sunday was a more of a grey wash-out than a Grecian 2000 towel-dry (so I’m told).

Autumn’s on its way and a new season means a new series of our popular monthly business lunches at a new venue.

We’re swapping the bucolic elegance and nail-scissored lawns of Langar Hall for some messing about near the river at Tom Brown’s Brasserie at Gunthorpe, site of the only bridge over the Trent between Newark and Nottingham … first constructed by the invading Danes, apparently.

Like Langar Hall, Tom Brown’s is noted for its top-quality grub and boasts a menu so extensive that Robyn should be able to enjoy a year’s worth of hand-crafted puddings without repetition.

The website tells you more about the place. I notice that one of the forthcoming events in October is a ‘Girls’ Night Out’ featuring some butlers in the buff. I hope for their sakes that the central heating will have been switched on by then.

Local wildlife

As well as plates of some very fine food, the onsite gallery also boasts pictures of some local wildlife including some geese who look as though they wouldn’t need asking twice to share your platter and a wall-mounted moose-thing that was either bagged by a local luminary or whose brakes spectacularly failed as it raced towards the bar for a sharpener.

Our first Gunthorpe lunch is tomorrow (Tuesday September 24) and after that we’ll be meeting there on the final Wednesday of each month.

I am greatly looking forward to catching up with our 25 or so business network members again and promise that I have some new stories to tell. Look out for pictures of the event on our Twitter and LinkedIn.

I’ll be the one raising a glass; Robyn’s driving, though she doesn’t know it yet.