Business Support

Empowering your business with comprehensive support and guidance.

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Business Support

Navigating Business Challenges

In today’s dynamic business landscape, companies often face challenges requiring expert guidance and support. From navigating complex contracts to managing financial difficulties and insolvency, access to reliable advice is essential for safeguarding your business’s interests.

Our firm offers a comprehensive range of support and advice services to address pressing issues. Whether it’s contract review, business or personal insolvency management, or overcoming financial difficulty, our experienced professionals provide tailored solutions for navigating these challenges with confidence.

SPECIALISED Support for Financial Challenges

Struggling with contracts, insolvency, or financial difficulties? Our team offers expert business support, contract reviews, and guidance through both business and personal insolvency. Let us help you navigate these challenges and build a stronger financial future.

Contract Reviews

We can review your current terms and conditions to ensure all the relevant clauses regarding late interest and retention of title, where applicable, are both enforceable and clearly defined. This proactive step helps avoid misunderstandings with clients, protects your financial interests, and ensures your business is operating within legal guidelines.

Business Insolvency

We offer assistance in understanding the implications of client insolvency on your business, including potential repercussions such as liquidation and receivership. Collaborating with reputable insolvency practitioners, we provide detailed guidance. For instance, our partnership with Blades shows our commitment to reliable support since the inception of their business.

Personal Insolvency

We offer comprehensive support in managing personal insolvency situations for your clients, including bankruptcy proceedings and voluntary arrangements. Our team provides expert guidance to help you effectively navigate these challenges and protect your business interests.

Financial Difficulty

Our clients frequently refer others to us for assistance with managing cash flow and addressing various financial difficulties. This ongoing trust and endorsement of our services reflect our commitment to providing effective solutions and reliable support to businesses facing financial challenges.

Choose us for exceptional business support services tailored to your unique needs, ensuring your success and growth.

A Specialist Network

Unlocking the Right Solutions for Your Business

Our extensive network of business specialists ensures you have access to the precise expertise you need, when you need it. From sourcing funding to navigating complex legal matters in construction, factoring, HR, and beyond, we connect you with the right professionals for your specific challenges.

Let our network be your advantage. We understand that the business landscape is constantly evolving and that specialised knowledge is often crucial for success. Our network eliminates the time-consuming search for reliable experts, streamlining your path to solutions. Whether a specific industry question or an unexpected legal hurdle arises, we’ll seamlessly connect you with the expertise required to make informed decisions and drive your business forward.

When your customers don’t pay you it can hugely affect your cash flow

Overcome Your Credit Challenges

Let Philip Elliott Associates free you up to run your business, while we deal with your credit management.