One of our key services, for which there is increasing demand, is credit control.

We provide credit control services for, among others, accountants and solicitors as well as virtual assistants and patent attorneys.

There are several good reasons for handing this part of your business over to a third party.

One of the big ones is it saves time. Chasing up invoices, re-sending them to pursue a response, putting in the phone calls and generally monitoring the process is time-consuming when your time could be better spent concentrating on your core business.

But credit control also requires a set of specialist skills and knowledge. Too often, it is left to someone who has a different role but ‘picks up’ credit control because no one else is doing it. That person then has to learn the processes and best approaches – again, effectively wasting time.

A specialist credit control operation, on the other hand, knows the paperwork and can focus on the case intensely until it is resolved. They also have the experienced eye to spot , for example, when a customer’s excuse is real . . . and when it’s just an excuse.

Our experience shows, too, that a fresh pair of eyes on a case gives more chance of a successful outcome.

So outsourcing credit control can be more efficient, save you time and frees up you and your staff to focus on your real work.

Above all, it beefs up your own cashflow because it should mean you get paid more quickly!

If you’d like to talk to us about outsourcing credit control services, contact me at [email protected] or on 0115 784 5602.